seamless video loops

Make your own unique seamless video loops in minutes with Video Fun Box 2!

Motion background video loops are vital for adding visual interest to background menus on DVD, or as a backdrop for blue screen work in commerical video productions. Now that Google is launching its video ads service, everyman and his dog wants a video made for them! As a result, the demand for seamless video loops has never been higher.


Stock Video footages Companies are more than happy to supply the demand for video loops, but there's no doubt about it, stock footage video loops are expensive and you can be certain that the footage you pick from them will appear in hundreds of other productions. If you want your work to stand out from the crowd, then you need a source of unique background video footage.


This is where Video Fun Box 2 comes swinging in to the rescue! As well as offering comprehesive 3D Video Titling facilities, Video Fun Box 2 can also be used to create stunning seamless video loops in next to no time! It features an easy to use keyframe animation system that makes creating seamless video loops childs play.


"There’s an old expression that goes something like this:


“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”


I just thought I’d let you guys know, this is how I feel about Video Fun Box 2.


I used to spend a fortune on Stock Background Loops. NOT ANYMORE! With Video Fun Box 2 I can make my own!


You could charge ten times the price for Video Fun Box 2 and it would still be amazing value for money! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!"


Martin Thompson: Video Fun Box 2 user


Let's take a look at some of the seamless video loops we made using the current version of the program:


Please note, these loops have been encoded for play back over the web, as a result they are not representative of the quality of the video loops you can generate with Video Fun Box 2, which are of course, of the very highest digital quality. Also you may notice some slight glitching as they play back. This is due to the flash player pausing for a fraction of a second before the loop starts to play again.


The sequence files for all of these video loops are included in the full version of the program along with dozens of others. Even if you don't want to create your own unique video loops, you can easily customise the presets in a matter of seconds.


We're constantly adding more seamless loop sequences to the program with the help of the Video Fun Box 2 user community.

Still Images

While Video Fun Box 2 really gets to flex its muscles when it comes to making seamless video loops, it’s no slouch when it comes to generating stills either! Please take some time to browse the photo set we currently have up on the flikr photo site. These were all taken in Video Fun Box 2 using the “Copy to Clipboard” menu function.

Do you like the look of the header graphic on this page? The background was made from a cropped still from Video Fun Box 2. If you're a web designer, then Video Fun Box 2 can really make a difference!

Video Loop Tutorial Part 1

Making seamless loops with Video Fun Box 2 is easy when you know how. In the following tutorial, We're going to explain the techniques you'll need to master in order to make video clips that loop seamlessly.

Once you've got to grips with the Video Fun Box 2 key frame system (please read the help file for more information), you can make a seamless loop in two ways. The first method is by copying the key frame from the first frame in the timeline to the last frame of the timeline.


The second, slightly easier method is by using 360 degree rotations or transitions so the clip naturally ends in the same place that it starts.


Let's take a look at this process step by step


In this tutorial we're going to create a seamless loop by texturing a 3D UFO model and adding radial blur to the texture while the model is rotated and the texture is shifted. Phew! We're not going to use the Copy Keyframes button in this tutorial; instead we'll use 360 degree rotations to create a seamless video loop. It sounds complex, but it's really very easy to do. If you follow the tutorial below you'll end up with something like this:

Let's break it down into a series of Steps.

1. Start Video Fun Box

2. Click the Key Icon on the tool bar to open the Video Fun Box control deck.

3. Click the 3DS Model Tab

4. Click the Load Model Button

5. Select UFO.3DS and Click Open. When the model loads, it'll be zoomed too close, so we'll need to move it back.

6. Select Model Positions from the Model Controls drop down and drag the third slider down to -187. You'll now see the UFO in all its glory. However, it'll still have the texture of the default model. We need to select something more appropriate for the loop we want to

7. Click the Load Texture button. The load texture dialog will open. We need to locate the texture folder so click the "Up One Level" button on the dialog. Double click on the "Texture" folder.

8. Pick a texture to load. For the sake of argument, in this example we'll use Polav.jpeg. However, all the other textures will also work well or you can even use your own. As you'll see, in conjunction with radial blur, texturing in Video Fun Box 2 can produce some excellent

9. Once the texture is loaded check the "Transparency" and "Shiny Texture" boxes on the model tab next to the Model Settings.

10. Since we don't want to include any text in the loop, click on the Text Tab and delete the default text "Video Fun Box" from the Edit Text box. The text will disappear leaving the transparent, shiny UFO
as the only thing on screen.

11. Click the Blur Control Tab. Since we want to apply blur to the UFO, remove the Check from "Text" in the "Apply Blur to" column and add a check to "Model".

12. Drag the Radial Blur Density Slider (Slider 1) to position 120. Drag the Blur Alpha Fade (Slider 2) to position 57.

13. Click the "Change Color" button and pick a shade of light orange.

14. Click on the 3DS Model tab and select Model Positions from the model controls drop down. We're now going to set the start position for our seamless loop. Move the first slider to -12, the second to -28
and the third to -20. This will give us a close up of the UFO (so close in fact, that we'll actually be inside the model!).

15. Click the Keyframe Controls Tab. Drag the keyframe slider to position Zero (it might already be on position zero, if so you don't need to drag the slider). Click the "+ Add Key" button.

16. Click on the model tab and Select "Model Rotations". Drag the third slider (Z rotation) to position 360.

17. Select "Model Fade Alpha" from the Model Controls drop down menu and drag the third slider (Texture Pos Z) to position 360.

18. Click the Keyframe Controls Tab and drag the Keyframe Slider to Keyframe 300. Click the "+Add Key" button.

19. Click the play button to play back the seamless loop. Depending on the spec of your machine, the clip might run slowly. However, when you export the video it will run smoothly (unless you export as Full Frame
Uncompressed clip, which will need to be re-encoded before it will run smoothly). Please note, the demo version of Video Fun Box will not let you export Video. You need to purchase the full version to do this.

However, you can save the sequences you create in the demo version and use them in the full version when you buy the program.

20. Click the "Add to Presets" button. Type in a filename and click save. When you restart the program, the sequence you've just created will be selectable from the presets list.

Don't forget, Video Fun Box 2 was designed to be a creative tool. Don't be afraid to experiment and unlock the creative potential of the program! We absolutely love to receive sequence files created by Video Fun Box users. If you've created some nice effects or loops with the program then please send them to us.


Download a free demo of Video Fun Box. Try it out and see what you think!