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Getting your Web Site Found...

We specialise in designing websites, developing existing websites and writing the content for sites that actually show up in the free organic results on Google, otherwise known as SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages). These are the results you can see in the green section of the diagram below:

Once your site starts showing up on the first page of Google your site will begin to attract lots of visitors. Until this happens hardly anyone will ever find your site. You can still get listed on Google, but only in the red area as a Pay Per Click advert. What this means is that you have to pay Google every time someone clicks on one of your ads.

How to get people to"find" your site on Google

We don’t employ any secret techniques or try to cloud what we do with a cloak of indeceperable techno babble. Most of the techniques we use are published by Google in their freely available search engine optimization starter guide. You can download a copy of this here:

However, if reading this makes you glase over or drift off to sleep, maybe you should consider hiring our services to optimize your website for you.

What would we do if it were one of our sites?

We've spend the last five years learning these techniques the hard way. We take a simple approach when it comes to designing a site for you. “What would we do if it was one of our sites?”


Please note, the sort of SEO techniques we employ work well for small to medium businesses. However if you are planning to sell Viagra online, or build a network of Poker sites, then the techniques we use will not help you.


We can't guarantee to get your site to the number 1 spot on Google for every search term you want. Anyone that tells you that they Guarantee is lying. This is because Google have a tremedous amount of power and can dramatically reposition the goal posts whenever they like some search terms are much harder to optimise for than others.


What we can guarantee is that well do our best to apply the techniques that make our own sites sucessful to your site.