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How to Write Content for Websites.

Once you master a few basic techniques, it’s not too difficult to write interesting content for your website that will help your website show up on search engines and keep visitors coming to your site. I guess that one of the things that can put people off is that if you’re not used to writing, it can seem like an intimidating task and an uphill struggle. One of the first things to remember is that you only need to write 525 words in order for your article to be treated as relevant content by Google. Any less that this and pages that your write won’t be ranked as highly. By all means write more, but don’t be tempted to write less.


So where do you start? First of all, make sure you’re using a word processor with a spell check. My personal favourite is Microsoft Word 2002, but you could just as easily use a free product like open office or an online word processor like Google Docs. Either way, a Word processor will ensure that what you write is spelt correctly. I often find it helpful to read what I’ve written out loud and actively speak the words in my head as I type them. This helps to improve the clarity of my writing and stops it from becoming too pretentious or garbled.


Ok so its time to start writing your first article. So where do you begin? First of all, you need to remember that you have a big advantage over anyone else, since you are a bono fide, de facto expert on your business. This puts you in a unique position to write about it. Start with a title for you article. This defines the basic direction that your article will take. To get the ball rolling try writing a short article on why you started the business, what you like about it and what you do. Once you’ve done this, think about smaller interesting aspects of your business that have an interesting spin on them. Remember; don’t pick a subject that you are not confident that you can write 525 words on without breaking a sweat.


Some people find it easier to dictate articles rather than write them. Most modern phones have built in voice recording facilities, as do many mp3 players. If you get really stuck get a friend to interview you regarding your business and record the results. Transcribe the results and you’ll have the start of an article.


Don’t try to write the whole thing at once. Keep the word processor open, re-read what you’ve written, gradually add to it. Set a target of writing one article a day. Before long you’ll find that you’ve written more than the magic 525 words. Think about it this way. There are 480 minutes in an 8 hour work day. That means you need to write 65 words an hour or 1.09 words a minute.


If it helps to motivate you, think about the rewards that your writing will provide you. Search engines like Google live on fresh content. Ultimately all they care about is words. The more words you have on your site, the more Google has to feed on. If you’re interesting in learning more about how Google decides which website show up on the results pages of its site then please take a look at the following URL. You can even download a PDF guide to Search Engine Optimisation produced that’s produced by Google and packed with really useful information. And that about wraps up this article, because writing this sentence has taken me over the magic 525 word mark!